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Professor Tang Heng of JIPRC Participated in a Major Consulting Research Project of Chinese Academy of Engineering

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On May 27, 2019, the kick-off meeting of the major consulting research project "Research on the international co-governance development strategy of China’s import and export food safety" was held at Chinese Academy of Engineering. The project is presided over by an expert in food science testing technology subject, Pang Guofang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Professor Tang Heng of JIPRC as a special project leader reports the "Research on China's patent strategy under the international co-governance framework of food safety". The meeting was presided over by Yue Guojun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Wei Fusheng, Chen Junshi and Shen Changxiang, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and other authoritative experts in the field of food safety, as well as leaders of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant ministries and commissions attended the meeting.


This is the first time for Jiangsu University to participate in the major consulting project of Chinese Academy of Engineering, which serves the strategic decision-making of national major projects and major technological breakthroughs directly providing decision-making reference for the State Council. The report to the 19thNational Congress of the CPC clearly put forward the implementation of the food safety strategy to make sure people can eat at ease. This project closely follows the theme of "food safety" and "international co-governance" and tries to draw a "road map of international co-governance of China's import and export food safety" to provide top-level design guidance for China's food safety development.