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Our School Held The First Meeting of All Faculty and Staff

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On the afternoon of August 1st, School of Intellectual Property held the first meeting of all faculty and staff. Dan Li, Secretary of the Party branch directly under the School, Heng Tang, Dean of the School, Guanbing Zhao, Deputy Dean of the School, Kuiguo Han, Deputy Dean of the School, and office directors, administrative staff, all researchers attended the meeting, which was presided over by Dan Li.

Dean Tang briefly reviewed the development of the School of Intellectual Property. From the establishment of Jiangsu Intellectual Property Research Center in 2008 to the independent establishment of School of Intellectual Property in 2020, it took only 12 years to complete the transformation and development from pure intellectual property scientific research to the integration of "creation, teaching, research and exploitation". The establishment of the School marks the great success of intellectual property work and innovation personnel training under the double first-class goal of Jiangsu University, and also embodies the good spirit of all the staff of the School in pursuit of excellence, striving for the top and working hard. Looking back on history, standing at a new historical starting point, the School should carefully investigate and make overall plans at the key nodes of the closing year of the 13th five year plan and the opening year of the 14th five year plan, focusing on the five aspects including the operation system and mechanism of the School, the cultivation of intellectual property professionals, the construction of teaching staff, scientific research and social services. Efforts should be made to explore the law of intellectual property personnel training in the new situation, increase the innovation of talent training mode, cultivate applied, compound and high-level intellectual property talents for the region and even the whole country, and create a new business card for the cultivation of intellectual property talents in Jiangsu University.

Secretary Li made detailed arrangements for the Party building of the School. She pointed out that the Party building is the guidance and guarantee of the School's overall work. All faculty and staff should attach great importance to and pay close attention to the implementation. She emphasized that all faculty and staff should focus on consolidating the basic work, carrying out the key work and creating the highlight work; meanwhile, they should integrate the Party building into the whole development process of the School, and strive to achieve the "three full integrations", that is, fully integrating into the ideology, fully integrating into the system, and fully integrating into the process, so as to promote the teaching, scientific research and social services of the School to a new level. In addition, she also briefly introduced the assignment of responsibilities of the School’s new leading group. She hoped that everyone would work together to build a brand-new School.

Deputy Dean Zhao and Deputy Dean Han mainly introduced their work and future development plans. Directors of each office also made a detailed report on their work.

This is the first meeting of all faculty and staff since the establishment of the School of Intellectual Property. The meeting clarified the future development direction and goal of the School, clarified the development ideas, and enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the faculty and staff, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the School of Intellectual Property!